Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TFS Plugin for SSMS Stopped Working Today

Today, the TFS plugin that I use (MSSCCI) that I use for version control stopped working. When I try to load a solution, SSMS simply ignores my request. No error message, no event logs, nothing. I can connect to the TFS server but when I open the solution from version control, again, SSMS ignores my request. I can see my solutions in VS2012 and in the Team Explorer window/Source Control Explorer.

What happened!? Argh. I think the IT department pushed a bunch of updates. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over that. I don't know which one it might have been.

So I uninstalled SQL Server 2012 and the MSSCCI Provider, reinstalled the client tools with updates and service packs and all that, reinstalled the plugin, and no go!

Now I'm installing 2008R2 and 2014 CTP2 client tools to see if the older and newer versions of SSMS are also horked.

UPDATE: I got desperate and I didn't want to reinstall the OS, so I uninstalled all SQL Server and Visual Studio products, uninstalled all the SSMS plugins, and reinstalled everything. Drastic, I know, but it fixed the problem.

UPDATE2: Have you ever had a "duh" moment? Yeah, me too.

Turn on the Solution Explorer with CTRL+ALT+L. See below.

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